Make a first impression that counts.


Show your competitors you’re serious.


Be proud of your business’ presence.

Is your business’ visual presence saying the right thing?

First impressions are pretty impoartant, especially when it comes to your business’ visual presence. To have a competitor make a stronger first impression, well that could cost you money – and we can’t have that!

Exploring the story and values of your company, we’ll ignite them into a brand presence like never before. If you’re ready to tell your customers, and competitors, what you’re all about – I’d love to chat. Let’s create a visual presence you can be proud of.

So what exactly can I do for your business?

After exploring the story and values of your company, along with using my understanding and extensive knowledge of visual aesthetics, I can design:

The talent behind Wild Spark Creations.

Hey hey! The name’s Aliesha – AKA wifey, mumma-lamma, crazy cat lady, yogi-wanna-be, landscape photographer, and above all passionate designer.

I’m the Owner and Creative Director of Wild Spark Creations here on the Gold Coast.

When it comes to design, my goal is to provide powerfully unique, clean and creative brand and logo solutions, along with websites and print assets to support and showcase your business’ story.

You don’t need to take my word for it…

Here are some of the things my previous clients have to say about working with me.

An inspiring brand presence in 3 simple steps.

Knowing where to start when it comes to your brand’s visual presence can be a little overwhelming. So, I’m here to make the process as simple and stress-free as possible.

create a spark

Arrange a phone, zoom or in-person meeting. We’ll chat about your business, brand, requirements, project budget and time-frames.

ignite the fire

Fill out the online Ignition Design Brief to make sure you get a design solution that meets all your requirements.

watch it blaze

I’ll create a powerfully unique design solution that inspires your customers, unnerves your competitors and fills you with pride.

Work with me!

Ready to ignite your business’ visual presence? I can’t wait to work with you.

Fill in your details and we’ll organise a time to meet – whether that’s over the phone, over Zoom or in person.

Ignite your business’ presence with powerfully unique design solutions.

Don’t let your competitors make a stronger first impression. Together we’ll find the solution that inspires your customers/clients, creating a visual presence you can be proud of.